Happy days of evil

Jimmy Zámbó is alive, but Hamas is holding him captive on the minus fifty-eighth floor of a hospital for children with cancer. Source: the IDF has just read from the coded timetable of a liquidated six-year-old terrorist. We are all familiar with the Israeli army’s methods and dedication to killing children, so I for one do not find the humour over the top. What is disturbing is that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and other ethnic minorities since its inception has been so evil that, to someone who is only familiar with the persecution of Jews by Christians in Europe, these atrocities really do sound unbelievable and fabricated. But they are not. And, moreover, such people behave as if they cannot even imagine, to the best of their knowledge, that other peoples besides the Jews could be the victims of religious and other kinds of persecution.

It is madness that the Federal Republic of Germany, which embraced all Nazi officials and soldiers after nineteen hundred and forty-five, should condemn demonstrators – including Jews – for anti-Semitism and for standing up for a free Palestine. A Palestinian woman in the West Bank was arrested by Israeli police under a new terror law banning the use of ‘passive’ social media. The woman had only wanted solidarity and a ceasefire in Gaza. She could get a year in jail for these efforts. It is therefore not possible in countries under true Zionist rule to openly show solidarity with Palestine. It is almost a similar situation in Hungary, where the police have banned marching with Palestinian flags in the capital in support of the Palestinians, saying that open support for terrorists is not allowed in this country and never will be. So, if you openly stand up for a people with their flag in your hand, you are therefore supporting terrorists.

A pro-Palestinian demonstration in Hungary has been banned for the seventh time, prompting HASZ to take legal action on behalf of an individual who was reportedly refused permission by the police to hold a demonstration billed as pro-peace. Hungary is Netanyahu’s most loyal ally and servant, as almost all other countries are allowed to express solidarity with the Palestinians. In fact, such a thing does not even require permission elsewhere, it is so taken for granted. Nothing is natural in Hungary. Israel has put on display ten rifles and a box of dates as the big loot of the raid, and then put a flag on the roof of the hospital as if they had just taken over the Reichstag. There is no such thing in the world, you would think… But there is. This just happened not so long ago. They massacred tens of thousands of people, sent more than four thousand children to their deaths, suffered casualties on a de facto empty field, but finally, finally, they are breaking Hamas. Let me show you around. This is an MRI machine and this is a book.

Having exterminated the babies, Israel is now defending itself by terrorising their newborns. Of course, the Israeli army is only killing babies in self-defence. A doctor at the Sifa hospital posted a picture on the Internet of premature babies lying on a hospital bed. Doctors fear that these babies will all die soon. It has emerged that the fuel used to power the ventilators in Gaza City’s main hospital, where the situation is becoming increasingly dramatic, has run out. Well, that is the ‘humane’ Jewish state. And so are the Zionists, like Róbert Puzsér, who are swaggering around in Western countries, shouting about how unsafe they feel because of the anti-Semitism fomented by Muslims. Meanwhile, they are fervently demanding that Israel carpet-bomb babies even more intensively, because it is in the interests of Western civilisation. And anything in the media that tries to portray the Israeli army in a positive light is likely to be a lie, propaganda.

The Israeli „army” (because that’s how it really is, in quotes) took a photo of a Palestinian man, in order to pretend to help him, and then shortly afterwards – after the fake marketing shoot was over – killed him. Of course, this was not the first time they had done this just to get themselves photographed. Earlier, before the current war, an Israeli soldier once gave a seventy-four-year-old blind Palestinian woman water and then shot her in the head. The desperate hope and optimism that these crimes will ever be tried by any international court is futile. Let us not delude ourselves, for The Hague has only handed down convictions that suited its short- and long-term aims, even when it was judging atrocities committed during the Second World War. It is in no way in Israel’s interests to pass sentences, because we are talking about a state whose inhabitants are the big winners in the Hague’s criminal trials and which provides the ideologies that are trendy on the political front as on all other fronts.

Videos and images of pre-war Gaza are circulating on the web. All of this footage was taken a few months before the war, and shows local people living their happy lives in the glorious sunshine on the beach, sunbathing, having fun with the latest gadgets, water sports, marrying, flirting and living their modern metropolitan lives in every sense. So it’s not at all the camel and goat bred, uncultured desert crowd and conditions that the West has shown us. Because the West, along with the Israeli intelligentsia, communicated that the Palestinians in Gaza lived in desert conditions, in huts, and while they did not produce a real intelligentsia of inventors through their education, they had Israel to thank for everything that was modern and innovative. Well, that is just part of the propaganda. The Israeli army corps has successfully razed prosperous Gaza to the ground in the last little over thirty days. (So of course it is not hard to pull away from the Palestinian-inhabited belt in every respect.) They say that all this innocent sacrifice is worth it because Hamas must be wiped off the face of the earth.

I have a suggestion that we should exterminate the whole of humanity. In the end, there can only be one, because from now on, as long as there is more than one person on earth, one can always suspect another of being a Hamas miscreant who is dangerous to him.



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