Double standards, the wolf in sheep’s clothing

Amichay Eliyahu, a member of the Knesset, said that we should drop the atom on Gaza and not deal with children’s propaganda. He said the monsters in Gaza – the civilians – should flee to Europe or the desert. Why aren’t the youth social networking sites and big city graffiti walls full of murderous Netanyahu and his cohorts? What works for Russian President Putin doesn’t work for another mass murderer? In fact, they are far worse. Putin has not said things like what Knesset member Amicha Eliyahu just said. When the PLO visited the EU Parliament a few years ago, Israel made the same speech that it is making now. No matter who or what, everyone is Hamas who wants the apartheid system to collapse.

The butchers of Israel can always come up with something evil, which at that moment I find the most evil of all the evil things I have ever experienced in life. Such as when Israeli doctors came up with the idea of bombing all the hospitals in Gaza without exception. These people are doctors by training, but I do not call them doctors, nor does any man of good conscience on earth. In addition to the Hippocratic oath, a doctor is obliged to follow the principle of do no harm if you can no longer use it, a principle that any normal person would otherwise consider to be a principle to be followed in everyday practice. With their white coats, they are supposed to symbolise integrity, cleanliness and freedom from all rubbish and filth, and by comparison they are nothing other than despicable nationalists. I mean the Israeli doctors in question.

In a stroke of genius, Hamas has announced that it will put its new headquarters in a basement under an Israeli hospital. They know that Israel is addicted and can’t resist not bombing a hospital. There is one state in the formula here at the moment, one state to talk about, and that is Israel. Where one side does not have an official and effective army, but the other side has all the military equipment and weapons, that makes the territory effectively occupied territory.

So, there is clearly genocide going on in Palestine, and has been for the last seventy-six years. The Hamas organisation was created and supported by Israel so that everything could be blamed on it. Zionist Israel is a terrorist state. There is also a video of the current President of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, talking about the vital issue of maintaining the Hamas terrorist organisation.

Israel is to Judaism what the kitsch bazaar with the Árpád strip, St. Stephen’s, Great Hungary and the mirror and the deer in the head mirror is to Hungarians: the expropriation of culture and history by nationalists. I do not see any difference between the yarmulke, the long pointed beard and all other Jewish costumes and the map of Greater Hungary and the imperial eagle before the Trianon decision. They all stem from the same national feeling, the same complex. Yes, it is all culture. The kind of culture that is a flammable substance and that can very easily cause an almost unquenchable conflagration requiring experts.

The Palestinians didn’t just start wishing Israelis and other foreign peoples to death in their good cause one day as normal people, and they didn’t take action for nothing. All that has happened has not happened because the children of the Palestinian people are all one mouthful of hateful, visceral hatred of Jewry. Although I know that two thirds of the huntwitter live by that belief. In a video circulating on the internet, Israeli settlers call for the extermination of the ‘Palestinian race’. A settler on a kibbutz near Gaza says he will return to the settlement of Be’eri when the last Palestinian has been exterminated. He doesn’t care if it is children, old people with crutches he wants to kill, Palestinians. And all the horror that is being inflicted on the Palestinian people, all the compassion that is being felt for them all over the world, does not move the police in certain countries, like the police in Hungary. One after another, they ban pro-Palestinian demonstrations, as happened recently in Budapest. Here in Hungary, only a Zionist Jew can be right, as we have become accustomed to. In Hungary, by the way, there have already been problems in the past with free Palestine flag marches. Such things are not liked by the police, who serve the Zionists to the hilt and are very willing to help them, and who are quick to fold these flags with their owners, and even confiscate them.

Meanwhile, a huge crowd gathered in New York City, where Jews demonstrated against Zionist atrocities. „Not in our name!” – they chanted, saying that they too condemn the Israelis’ acts of terror. Their banner read. In English: Never again for anyone. They were referring, of course, to the Holocaust of the Second World War, the concentration camps, the mass genocide. Because they know and understand the significance of what is happening at the expense of the Palestinian people. Because they know that this is genocide on at least the same scale as what was and is happening in Ukraine, and not just collateral damage as many people think. I would force anyone who can only mention Hamas as the only truly dangerous terrorist organisation that exists, after the deaths of four thousand children, to watch uncensored broadcasts from Gaza all day long, of people carrying the bodies of their own family members in their arms.

And what’s most disturbing of all is that Israel expects a standing ovation for all this. It posts the deaths of its soldiers with their faces on it, expecting tearful condolences. Well, no soldier in the world should be pitied, especially not an Israeli. If no one in the world were to be a soldier, there would be peace and love on earth. They went to kill, so that’s what they ended up doing, they were killed. I will not shed tears for soldiers in one of the best-equipped states in the world, whose job it is to exterminate civilians and shoot children. Denial gets you a few months in jail. It’s not heaven-shattering not to be an active participant in genocide.

People who are extremely reticent tend to come up with the explanation that it is impossible to know exactly what is happening in Gaza. Well, yes, somebody is constantly killing reporters on the ground, UN staff, and shutting down the Internet and electricity.



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