The only way to travel through time, Lewis Hamilton and human rights, principles

A British scientist has allegedly invented a time-travelling machine. It is said that this is now actually serious, unlike previous non-serious experiments, which have always turned out to be in their infancy. Perhaps it is a deliberate hoax, but in any case I do not wish to denigrate any scientist, as it is not my place to judge someone else’s knowledge, or lack of it. I have already spoken of the arrogance of scientists and their incompetence, despite their immense creativity and lexical knowledge, to understand and map everything. And why are they incompetent? Are they not prepared enough? Well, humans cannot be prepared enough to fully understand and map the universe, to answer all the questions that exist at a level that fully satisfies human curiosity. All the scientists who have been researching into the nature of time, and who have been trying to invent a time-travelling machine, have gone in the wrong direction. The time travel they want to achieve can only be achieved by navigating the creator of our world.

Time is not an objective phenomenon that exists outside of us, but a subjective phenomenon that is perceived by our minds. It is an immanent phenomenon, as intrinsic to the mind as is space, as is our whole world. When researching the nature of time, this simply cannot be ignored. Time travel with our physical body is therefore not possible, it can only be done with our mind in a meditative state.

Take the example of near-death experiences, when milestone events in one’s life flash before one’s eyes. Many of these experiences are reported by those who have lived through them as not so much as a re-enactment of a film, but as if they were happening in the now, at that sacred moment. Because there is no time. That is, according to Einstein, it only exists because everything cannot happen at once. And in fact everything happens at once, simultaneously. Because time is relative, because past, present and future exist simultaneously, simultaneously. But not only is time an illusion, matter itself is an illusion. Man has essentially only one sense. When we perceive, a mental product appears in our minds in a moment-to-moment alternation, which we perceive as time. But these frames are compressed into the now, but since our consciousness is not in a state to perceive everything at once (otherwise, with a little concentration, everyone can think simultaneously, but it is difficult to extend this universally), it all seems to be a process. In fact, everything has already happened, because the world is mental. I create the state I am in now, and many others besides me, because everyone is connected. That is why we are able to dream the future and feel it awake, even if only moments in advance. Matter, space and time interact, and it is because of these interactions that the universe appears to be made up of clusters of matter that are spaced apart by greater or lesser distances. Of course, this is only an illusion, a possible manifestation of reality, because the universe as many people know it is in fact nothing more than an infinite totality of mental and astral actions that are also manifested in material reality.

The manifestations of space and time that many of us know are only one aspect of their totality. We accept this limited form as the only reality when we focus ourselves into material existence. In total existence, the words once, past, present, future make no sense. Time is essentially not passing, in fact only the infinite moment of now exists. Everything that you think has happened in the past or is yet to happen in the future actually already exists in the moment of now. Everything is always everywhere, only your individuality is moving in it. Because of this, you will have memories and your future is unknown to you because of your limitations. Life flows from the whole being in all directions: the evolved being you think you are now is not evolved from the undeveloped being you thought you were before. Past, present and future lives are all simultaneous and simultaneous, and the effect and the linking back and forth is instantaneous. Although on the surface one lives day to day, on the ground of reality, in reality everyone is there, excelling in films of other worlds, other dimensions. Since you are unaware of these individualities, it is not easy for you to accept their existence.

These are some of the things that Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton, who is so extremely concerned about what he sees as restrictions on free speech in sport, could speak out about. Because, in fact, even if they do not treat as a secret the fact that we humans are not the body, but the soul, which is on loan from the body, through which we only perceive, process and transmit information, that the brain does not store information, it only processes it, because it could not, they do their best to make anyone who puts forward this view look like a fool. He could stand up and tell the truth about this Sir, as he said he would not want to continue in the sport if he could not tell the truth to people. In any case, he has so far not spoken out against the oppression of Russian athletes. But he has spoken up for the people who are innocently condemned to death in the Arab countries in which he competes every year. Hamilton has been saying for years that he believes it is wrong to race in dictatorial countries where journalists critical of the regime are sentenced to death, but at the same time he is finally giving in despite all the threats of boycotts and competing in the emirate’s cash-rich races, mostly as world championship contenders. And it’s about time Sir stopped running his mouth, because the rainbow helmet and his individual antics with his curtain dress and invisible ropes through the air of the stage are not enough.

Stand up for what you believe in, if you stand up for something, and don’t compete in the grand prix of countries where you think human rights are not right. Because if anything, it would be a big deal if the seven-time world champion didn’t race because of his political views. But Sir doesn’t have the balls for that, after all he’s just an employee who, if he wants the money and more money, has to do what the boss tells him. And so Lewis Hamilton is no better than anyone else, who is also only looking after his own well-intentioned interests. Or perhaps Hamilton could tell us how space-time tapping works, i.e. the brain energy that has existed since Tesla, or even show us that it is used in countless places in the world. He could also tell us that any kind of disease has long been cured in certain circles, or that war is the biggest business in the world, and that certain circles have always sought to do so.

Of course Hamilton, apart from risking his own bodily integrity with such a possible bout of honesty, would suddenly see his subscriber numbers drop as the rejects drop off and continue to sleep in the matrix, where they are very happy. The same kind of crowd that in our country wants to see Lajos Lakodalom stoned to death in public for his tweets about electricity, when in Gaddafi’s country there were no citizens to pay the electricity bill. Meanwhile, the question should be asked why we still have to bother with utility bills when there are already plenty of natural solutions for using energy for free. Meanwhile, the same company has been stealing their eyes for thirteen years, but nobody seems to have a problem with it. And what is stopping Lewis Hamilton from telling the whole truth? I think it is not so much his loyalty to the system as his own mental limitations and the shell he lives in.



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