A masterful war for a cause, the internet of bodies

The Hungarian media like to use big words and phrases like war as a logo. Apart from the fact that it has a meaning just because of the creative power of the word, they naturally try to blame everything on the war, because somehow they have to explain why everything costs three times as much as it did barely a year ago. The machinery, which operates in the name of the apparatus and in order to serve it, seems to be alive and well in the nineteen-nineties, and is serious about operating a communication that derives the public mood of the people from the effects of the war, that is to say, that it accounts for it as a consequence of the war. And now another Serb-Kosovo war is imminent – how interesting that it should come at the very moment when the Russo-Ukrainian conflict is escalating. Once again, Europe is witnessing the outbreak of a feud between two brotherly nations, which will once again provide an excellent basis for even higher gas and food prices – including, of course, domestic food prices.

I can already see in my mind’s eye how communication will once again be torn apart: the Hungarians are suffering from an extremely deep lethargy and depression because of the effects of the war on public life. How good it is that war can be used to explain everything, and that when war is needed, we can create an artificially provoked, manufactured war. And these wars have such an impact on everyday things like the development of prices that the apparatus has the energy and time to plan and implement plans such as total digitalisation, because we have become accustomed to the fact that since the beginning of the twentieth century all the major events and phenomena that have shaken the world have to happen simultaneously. And everything is slowly being taken away from people on the pretext of war, such as medicine, for example. According to the latest news, the pharmaceutical industry is dying, which is predicted to collapse soon.

Well, that’s how important our health is. Not so long ago, we were told to wash our hands fifty times a day, but nowadays we can’t even get enough medicine, and what we do have will be available at horrendous prices. So health is important, and it has been until now, hasn’t it? It was important until a long time ago, it seemed important when hand washing was called for and soap dispensers were placed in every socially significant place, vaccinations were forced into people’s veins, and then, as soon as the war broke out, the masking of people and the vaccine propaganda were forgotten. And as if it had nothing at all to do with the said war and the silovid hysteria that preceded it, the Hungarian people have begun to be put into the big digital pit, because the Orbán government, while barking falsely at the „Brussels bureaucrats”, is among the first to prepare for digital supercontrol in Hungary. The National Digital Citizenship is the first step to bring people under full control.

While the fake rhetoric of Viktor Orbán calls every mafia scam, every measure that destroys Hungarians, the „Brussels bureaucrats” mud, the Orbán government is among the first, obviously at the behest of Israel, to prepare the total digital slavery in Hungary, which they gave this nice-sounding, but in fact discredited and meaningless name: National Digital Citizenship Programme. Let us be clear that this whole digital mumbo-jumbo has only one purpose, and that is to mislead and lure Hungarians, with primitive propaganda, into the digital hole where human freedom, where man, is lost, the citizen will be under the total digital control of the authorities, and this is the prelude to further developing the manipulation of the digital database currently used for mobile phones to the next stage, the introduction of data storage devices and microchips to be implanted in the human body. The so-called sensitisation of this has already been done, it has already been experimented with, experimented with how people will receive it, which of course they have tried to set up as a great thing, how great it will be if you carry the chip in your body, which you can use to carry out your banking transactions, for example.

Just think how much this is in line with the Green Pass crime of covid-terror, for example. Which, as it turns out, has nothing whatsoever to do with health and epidemiological protection, but the psychopaths who fancy themselves ‘world lords’ were worth faking a covid ghost epidemic all over the world. As usual, globalist propaganda also made sure to immediately label everyone – including digitalisation professionals – as a conteo and create a discrediting project about ‘microchip’ conteos. „Electronic wallets, digital mailboxes, electronic document repositories and signatures – among other things, these are the things that Hungary’s National Digital Citizenship Programme, adopted by the government this week, provides for. The basic document puts digital citizenship at the heart of the country, and also provides for the exploitation of national assets and the use of cloud technology. In the programme, the government commits to creating a unified digital environment with a superior user experience that will significantly simplify communication between citizens and the different government departments. In the future, administrative spaces will be created where citizens can manage their affairs digitally, mostly without having to go in person, simply and efficiently, 24 hours a day.”

In other words, they are vaguely describing how they want to take total control of people’s lives with the primitive honeypot of „faster administration”. It all sounds like a sugar daddy’s ruse, evil, vile and destructive. They are embarking on a path where the next step would be to implant data-carrying microchips powered by 5G and then 6G under the skin of people, in their own living bodies. This project has long been on the minds of the globalist elite, and is evidenced by the fact that, in addition to mass selection, or genocide, they have used C-19 injections of poison, which they have disguised as vaccines, to inject into people’s bodies, under the same hat, as a giant human experiment, the nanoparticles, hydrogels and graphene oxide that they want to use to experiment with the mass-applied ‘Internet of Bodies’ project, through various electromagnetic resonances. The IoB is part of the Negyedi industrial revolution. The fourth industrial revolution is characterised by changing not what we do, but who we are. The notion of human being as a concept in nature will change a lot. Up until now we have been debating things like freedom of speech. But as soon as we have access to people’s thoughts and emotions, then freedom of thought and emotion will no longer be an issue, because it won’t be. The theme of the century is the Internet of Bodies, which means medical implants and other devices that are embedded in our bodies and form a whole with the Internet, the Internet of Bodies. The Internet of Bodies or IoB is an ecosystem that is a network of many devices.



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