Summary of three years of outbreaks

There are the ones who do their job because they are sworn to heal and there are the quacks. There are doctors dedicated to real science and there are smug „salad biologists”. There are those who use common sense arguments to call for calm, and there are those who have a doctrine of creating tension and fear. We are pleased to note that people cannot be fooled in the long term, their ignorance abused and their fears kept at bay. Sooner or later, it always becomes clear who is guided by good intentions and who by self-interest.

Wasn’t Katalin Kariko like Ede Teller with the atomic bomb? The intention may have been good, but her invention was very bad for humanity. In any case, after realising this fact, even if she has been talking back and forth in confusion ever since, Kariko only ran into Bill Gates at a gala, where they were happily smiling and having cocktails together.

Why don’t the health care workers who have been slobbering all over themselves to get everyone vaccinated, and those who have been flat on their faces because they can’t even handle a single infectious patient with confidence, get the hell out of the health care system? They are harmful to patients on that basis. So they are harmful now, and not just during the days of forced vaccination. They haven’t got any smarter since then, they remain the same, they will be just as harmful to people on any similar issue as they were at the time of vaccination. You can also see how clever they are, they are still testing and monkeying around in masks in the health service. Time has stood still there, they have made no progress. At least you can see that they have realised what a big mistake they have made against the people, you can see the positive change. Instead, it is better to see that they are still doing well, as if they have done the most natural thing in the world. They care nothing about what they have done and the consequences, zero remorse and zero desire to improve. There’s also the bunch of people who got sick after the vaccine and who died. When and who will compensate them and their families? Of course, these people do not necessarily need to be pitied at all costs. A wise man learns at the expense of others. Have politicians ever cheated you? I have. Has anyone ever died or become very ill after receiving vaccines? Have you. When does that bother you? Is it only when it happens to you and/or a relative, or when it happens to someone else? Because in case you are being totally selfish, it’s better to know that it won’t always be like this, that everything will only happen to others. Especially if no one wants to change that. Edward Jenner didn’t put anything else in the stuff he injected into other people, but it worked. He just sucked the pus from the cowpox bladder and passed it on. So the principle itself is good.

Without any major development, patients could be immunised with almost complete protection of their patients, even in the case of a new virus. Mainly because nothing can be completely virgin and new to mankind, even if it is put together in a laboratory, because they can only put in what is on the market. So there will always be a part of it that is already in circulation, that has already infected people. And because of cross-immunity, the body will not defend itself in a completely virgin way, it will remember the known part. Especially when they can produce everything in a lab, including antibodies, then stop believing there is no cure. Or if Edward Jenner could produce the most potent vaccine ever without adding any poison, then stop believing that vaccines have to be so lousy that it’s normal for someone to die or get sicker afterwards. By the way, vaccines were given before Jenner with complete success. And now we see that technology and health care is improving, yet everything is spectacularly getting worse, and not because these people are stupid, no, they are very smart. It is because they are being taken for their own self-interest.

Have you ever had a case where the representatives of the field did not tell the truth for their own self-interest? Yes. Have vaccine manufacturers, vaccine developers ever failed to tell the truth or concealed the truth for reasons of self-interest? There have been. It is understandable that if the people listed lie or conceal the truth for some interest, it is not just a one-off, not just for one thing, or one event? It will be repeated as long as there is no inhibiting factor. Have you learned the lesson that you cannot blindly trust almost anyone without reason? Or are you being fooled now, and you can repeat all the fallacies? Or are you following a sympathetic person without reason, who, what he says, must be so because he is sympathetic? Everyone will be sympathetic to someone, it’s by design. You are clicked behind opinion leaders in crowded rows. No sign of any independent life form or serious thought.

Otherwise, I don’t hear the domestic epidemic press screaming about death from cancer or cardiovascular disease, or, God forbid, some incurable autoimmune disease. Such things are not worth as much as COVID?! Deaths that are often recorded as COVID deaths for other reasons, but after COVID test positivity, are more valuable and newsworthy than other, no less serious deaths? So it is not human life that counts? Only deaths?! I really do not understand.

They don’t understand in Austria how four hundred and forty coronavirus patients disappeared from the statistics overnight. The Ministry of Health says that between November 1st and November 2nd, the number of diarrhoeal patients in Austria’s normal wards fell by four hundred and forty, because „only infectious cases are recorded”. As only those who are antigen positive and PCR positive below 30 Ct are now considered COVID patients in Austria, 440 previously registered COVID patients have suddenly „disappeared”. In other words, when patients are diagnosed as described in the standard protocol, the drop suddenly „kicks in”. When Doctor Tamás Letoha talked about this 2 and a half years ago, wrote that he was a pseudo expert.

The media are already openly reporting on the disastrous effects of the closures. Anyone who dares to say that „the disastrous consequences of the closures are being revealed” must be a filthy epidemic denier! And all this in the mainstream?! Where has this world gone?! Like when we denounced the virus deniers for not wearing masks! Or when we smeared the biggest gymnast in the country for not vaccinating! Which it turns out he did. Those were the days! The Gestapo would be proud of us. There was that disgusting media exercise when the biggest closures were introduced worldwide, and we had the news coming from all over the place about how many people had died of COVID here or there (small print – of course, many with COVID, i.e. positive test history, for whatever reason, but no one cared), then they said that when, when, when, when everyone here cuddles up because of the closures, then, when, when billions of babies will be born, so there will be a celebration of joy and life, ha ha. Just make sure you #bite your motherfucking tongue at home first, you fucking virus denier, you.

Because that’s about the way it’s been communicated by you, you gymnastically exempted but for two and a half years, you feral beasts, you death-denouncing, stupid bastards, who have always trumpeted your lies in the media with some stomach-churning manire. Once again, you have just confirmed the same news, now on a global scale, that all countries have completely stopped reproducing. It made me sick to my stomach when they tried to make the culture of death more bearable with the illusion of life being born, i.e. to forget that everything is shit now. Which was shit, of course, mainly because of you people who didn’t know what a virus was made of or how it infected and why it made you ill, but for those of you who have to analyse viruses that target organs and tissues, you suddenly had to feel like you were in an age like the one our grandmothers used to talk about. What I didn’t understand as a child was how a person could survive and endure. And of course forget. But the babies will come, but only if you behave and cooperate, and only in that case! – is the ultimate communication. By the way, how many people are in the neighbourhood, are they wearing masks, and if not, did you report it?! Have you already defiled an Olympic champion fighting for his life today? No?! Do it! Hihihi, hehehehe, hahaha. So the birth rate has collapsed in both Germany and Sweden (and elsewhere, of course).



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