NASA and UFOs, shrink scientists

More and more impertinent articles are published in the media with the name of a scientific topic, which is not the least bit scientific. And I don’t think it is not scientific, which is not even necessary to tell sensible people. The reason the articles are cheeky is because they openly make people look like dumb idiots. ‘The Earth is getting further and further away from the Moon, so in time it may take longer than twenty-four hours in a day’ – you read nonsense headlines like this and similar ones, which of course I don’t click on ninety-nine per cent of the time. Frankly, I do not care what untruths are added to what is already written in the title. After all, why not, when the infamous seventies UFO case in the United States worked perfectly well, even though it all started out as a joke. Or was there serious intent behind it?

For anyone who hasn’t heard of the case, I’ll tell you what it’s all about. On a live broadcast on a much-listened-to radio station, it was announced that the earth would soon be invaded by UFOs, against whom no one could do anything worthwhile because of their technological superiority. The people fled back and forth, completely confused, until finally, through the suicide of some, the event could be said to have ended in tragedy. Many people will say that we should not draw any far-reaching conclusions from the behaviour of Americans, who are notoriously stupid, having been brought up on sci-fi and thrillers. But that is not the only way to deal with this phenomenon. America, even if it has a not inconsiderable number of idiots raised on sci-fi and thrillers, is still the world’s leading superpower in every respect. It is not possible to treat the United States as a kind of abstract state, a mecca for extreme darkies and idiots.

There are a lot of idiots around the world, and we’re seeing it most clearly right now. The world population has been diluted, thanks to the efforts of the great and notable West. Everyone’s sense of reality has been blurred a little since the boundaries between virtuality and reality have become so blurred. I am thinking here of the reality and reality that we have accepted as reality and reality since the beginning of mankind. Accordingly, mankind has been put to the test for some time now with the help of NASA, which has stated outright that a UFO invasion is expected on Earth by two thousand and thirty at the latest. And Elon Musk is accordingly posting about his plans for Mars, while remaining profoundly, and perhaps tellingly, silent about the so-called neurolink. After all, the billionaire first promised us around 2018 that the technology would be ready for deployment by 2020 at the latest, linking humans to machines and enabling us to do all sorts of cool things other than just healing – like controlling our phones with our brainwaves while our brains are connected to the web. This project was then pushed back a year by the businessman, so 2020 became 2021 and now it is 2022, but I don’t see people queuing up outside private hospitals to have the device operated on, just as I don’t see the advertisements for it anywhere, nor do I hear of the crazy, unexpected cures that can be attributed to this device, which is supposedly ready for use, has been tested on chimpanzees and pigs, mostly successfully, but is still in its infancy.

But I don’t think that neurolink will ever be used on a mass scale as a revolutionary therapeutic tool. It will be very expensive to obtain, and the cure will in time be available only to the highest elite. And of course it is available now to those who could pay the price for eternal life, if science could give it to any son of man today, guaranteed. In our world today, we see the opposite of what neurolink is supposed to do in principle and in practice. It is said that we have too many people on earth and that this is an unsustainable situation in the long term. Accordingly, they have almost institutionalised inhumanity in hospitals, and we have also seen what they have done with the vaccine. Not to mention the fact that people are still being tortured in hospitals with compulsory masks, when there is no longer any real basis for this. At the moment, apart from the necessary regular alerts, nothing is being done about the virus and the epidemic. And why is Musk silent about neurolink?

Current science is already at the stage where you can actually see inside human heads with a simple MRI machine. Many scientists have already tried mind reading because they were keen to understand the thoughts of a person with whom they could not interact, but now, thanks to an algorithm, scientists are reportedly able to decode thoughts using MRI. According to research published in the journal The Scientist, researchers at the University of Texas claim to have built a „decoding” algorithm that can reconstruct our thoughts simply by observing brain activity using an ordinary fMRI scanner. If this is indeed the case – and it is very likely that it has been the case for quite some time – it would be a huge step forward in understanding those who cannot speak or type. In one experiment, researchers used MRI machines to measure changes in blood flow while subjects listened to podcasts. They used this data to teach an algorithm that they believe can link these blood flow changes to what the subjects were listening to. Although the algorithm has shortcomings, the first tests are still promising.

Of course, a positive tone has been struck about this phenomenon, but as many of us know, it will not be just to help those who cannot type or speak that the force behind the solution will be aimed at. Yes, a force, because, like all inventions that come out of the laboratories of scientists and armies, they are, and always have been, used for their own sick purposes. This process really began with the atomic bomb, then continued with many other things, and now we are at the point where the potential that Elon Musk talks about so much is concentrated in the hands of certain circles. There can be no doubt that they are being used against humanity by blatantly transgressing all the existing rules and norms of coexistence, in this case all the fundamental laws and rules that are supposed to guarantee fundamental rights such as the right to privacy of thought and freedom of expression. There can be no doubt that if they can get a picture of our innermost thoughts, from then on there is only a thin layer of membrane separating them from controlling us.



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