Raising the guilty, scapegoating, demagogic high school stars

We can be happy! I have been watching the news on the web for a few days, in which EU leaders have been making statements. They said that the war sanctions are working. They are working because whatever damage they are doing to Europe, they are doing even more damage to Russia! Is there any bitch who will not make every sacrifice for the sake of this beauty against the countries of Europe, against his own country, against his fellow countrymen and against his own family? Even for a fool it is worth it! Or is it only worth it for the idiot? I, for my part, think that the picture on the Internet of Klaus Schwab warmly shaking hands with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and smiling just as warmly at each other says it all. These two people have therefore met in public on more than a few occasions, and we can guess why. While domestic journalists, among others, have been claiming that Schwab and his circle have no influence whatsoever on serious world events, such suggestive pictures are appearing on the Internet. The point is, therefore, not to give credence to their words and to take seriously the fact that the Schwabs are following a well-established system and plan.

Earlier this year, I saw the draft 2023 Hungarian constitution, which envisaged war preparedness. Of course, the interesting thing is that Hungary is the only country that has a state of war emergency right now. What this means in practice is that everything is decided by Orbán and Pintér, and they are not obliged to justify their decisions or to submit anything to Parliament. But we also know that they are only puppets, that the real culprits are not visible. They are puppets, just like the other European suits who are instructed to say in their statements that the sanctions are working perfectly well. Because that is what makes propaganda successful. So obviously it should be bad for us in order to reassure others that it will be even worse… Only a very well-paid EU representative can say such things. But the world will buy anything that such people put in front of them.

Take, for example, the success of Zelensky’s new book of war speeches. People are curious about it, and there is a flood of orders. In a way, it is a kind of survey of the general intellectual level. „It is ‘fantastic’ news that a corrupt terrorist, who is being moved around as he pleases by the EU and the elite behind it, is publishing a book of his war speeches… Unfortunately, the world is eating out of the hands of such a criminal. The current Ukrainian leadership is a drug and human trafficking mafia, backed by the Western financial elite. Why should we support a Ukrainian government that deals in drugs and arms?

But the general intellectual level, for example, is also perfectly measured by the situation on global climate change. The media is telling us that the future of global climate change may depend on the Brazilian presidential election. The implication is obviously that if Bolsonaro remains president, all the previous environmentally destructive activities will continue in the country of such a size, and that the measures to slow climate change will not be implemented. It is a frivolous, childish way of pointing to one country and one of its imminent pivotal events as something on which the fate of the whole world depends, and this is being done by those who are the greatest polluters on earth. Or you can completely fool people by putting a teenage girl in a shop window who dares to open her mouth and swear and tell the supposed truth.

Of course, the high school student in question, who spoke out on 23 October, spoke absolutely on her own initiative, but the media are using her for their own ends. She is being used by a clique that is lying to the political opposition, and she is being used by the so-called government bloc itself, with its own routine, as it is wont to do at such times. Because everyone can be used by anyone and for anything, and we can invent ourselves in any situation, as the devil with horseshoes, who rules all, knows very well, and for whom there is no situation in the world to which he cannot assimilate his whole being and somehow wrap himself in his supple spine and serpentine body. The same thing is happening to the girl from high school as happened to Blanka Nagy a few years ago, who, just like the girl from high school on the 23rd, stood on the podium in front of the parliament in Kossuth Square and shouted demagogic swearing at the people around her, so that it only echoed in her. Make no mistake, it is not that she spoke her mind before falling on me and accusing or attacking me with it. The problem is that the other nine million did not and are not doing the same. The problem is that the whole Hungarian world is laughing because a little girl had the courage to open her mouth and say what came out of it.

Perhaps it is not even entirely true that he spoke the truth, because absolute truth, as they say, is at best over there. Everyone has a truth, period. In fact, as we have already learned, the strongest is always right. In the history books, anyway. The trouble is that so much is enough to make one a hero and a martyr in public life, and there is also the fact that many people, like nuns raised under ironclad conditions, are outraged that he has spoken out in his own characan way. This should be a general phenomenon, even if we are aware that an eighteen-year-old’s speech can only be demagogic and practically uninformed, or at least not sufficiently informed. Let us be reasonable and generous, because we are the older and wiser ones. Let us not give a breeding ground to the likes of Zsolt Bayer, let us not give in to them, because by attacking them with their bloody mouths like a tot to his mother, they will achieve nothing other than that everyone will talk about him, and I think that they will do so without merit. They will undeservedly put him on top of the world and canonise him, because all he did was say what was in his heart. Nothing more in the world. And that in itself is sweet little.

And for whom did it not end well? For the God-given people, of course. For the politician, of course, it was a wonderful ending. In any case, Zsolt Bayer could easily be right in the sense that this girl will soon disappear too. After all, let us remember Big Blank. Even though we have heard nothing about her, she has not been taken under the wing of a political party, namely Momentum, and has been employed by it. Apart from her obvious focus on her private life and career, she is, as far as I know, holding some kind of position in the political party. In the political party that, exactly one year ago, was trying to persuade people to have experimental vaccinations by means of a basic income. Blanka the Great, albeit unwittingly and in her naive good faith, has stepped on the path of whoring herself out, so that I can express myself as harshly as those hot-tempered girls did. For the right to do so is not to be denied to them, or to anyone else, as it is not to me. It is up to him alone whether he stays in the party and continues to fry his own bacon, despite the fact that he senses the stale and stinking political air around him, or whether he cannot stand it and leaves.

One thing is for sure: the only advantage for the speaker is to go from show to show within the media. And there’s a good chance that another speaker will soon be hacking away. But it will not make the country or the world a better place, because dirty politics and what it has over anything and anyone on earth will either trample it underfoot or turn it into a political prostitute for its own ends. It would take millions of speakers nationally and tens of billions worldwide. Or none at all.



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