Blood or life! – or the unprecedented demand for blood plasma

Everything that propaganda shoves in our faces is a sham and the exact opposite of what reality is. To be precise, to a degree of one hundred and eighty degrees at least, they are trying to achieve the opposite of what is actually seen. Because what is seen in the madness called reality? We have at our disposal governments, apparently elected by us, which steer countries in the direction they think is right for the common good. I repeat: supposedly. The truly powerful invisible ones, who are obsessed with power, are perfectly aware that everything they impose on students in schools as a form of programming backfires. From a very early age, people can be made to hate certain things, areas, objects, ideas and thoughts simply because they want to force them into their heads. When they take it upon themselves to make love and morality compulsory in schools, the aim is nothing less than to awaken a deep hatred of love and morality in the souls and minds of the young generation.

Let no one think that the world government leaves anything to chance, and that in the time it has had it has not already experimented with all sorts of models to see how it can achieve its aim by influencing the mass psyche. In fact, even the demons that he unleashed on humanity with Hitler, and that were unleashed on humanity after Hitler for the next half century, the demons of war and terror. This time, not even the newborn baby is being given a chance, and this has been taken literally with the spread of the experimental gene-editing pesticides called silicide vaccines. Not yet, to be precise, but medical science (or at least what is called medical science) is doing everything in its power to ensure that these substances will be administered to newborn babies on the same compulsory basis as all the other compulsory vaccines currently known – such as chickenpox, polio and all the other life-saving vaccines that make it unthinkable for a child to be a victim of, for example, the throat lice.

For the moment they seem to have slowed down since the war has been going on, but perhaps the war is going on so that they can push through their own decrees through all sorts of agencies without attracting any attention. If, when the unconscious child, who, as a new arrival, assumes the utmost confidence in the human society around him – on the one hand because he cannot help it, and on the other because he does not wish to do otherwise – is compulsorily subjected to such an operation, it may be said that murder has already been attempted against him in the infant ward, and with a pretty good chance of it. But in fact it is exactly the same in the mother’s womb, if she has been vaccinated. Even up to this point we have not really had a free choice, or so many people say.

But let’s take a closer look at the situation human society has actually put itself in by hiding everything and giving in easily. There is a sign on some bus and tram stops in Hungary saying that if you want to pay your bills, you have to give blood plasma, and we will reward you with even more money than ever before. Underneath the text, a decorative lady flashes a smile with white teeth and a large amount of 20,000 in her hand. This rather tasteless advertisement has already been photographed by several people – including journalists – who have posted it on their social media pages and expressed their displeasure in the text they have typed over the image. „This will happen in Hungary in 2022,” read one female journalist on Twitter, whose stomach, along with many others, could not stomach the outrageous text. So people are beginning to realise that what we are seeing today is unacceptable in any human community. Some people smiled at the phenomenon and added to what they were seeing with a nice little smirk that those who are responsible are a little too capitalist, and some people compared what they were seeing to organ harvesting.

In fact, if we consider strictly on a business-to-business basis, infused with an industrialist perspective, we have to agree with the first, as this phenomenon is about nothing more than supply and demand and everything else that can happen within the business world. Yet anyone who, reading the text of the advertisement and seeing the picture of the woman who is the illustration, does not wish to have the blood of those who have created this exponentially increasing inflationary state of affairs for us, dripping every last drop into the vat at a place where blood is being spilled, may have a problem with that. It is both a joy and a ridiculously sad thing to see that the multitude is now getting to the point that I and a few others have been explaining for over a year now. Yes, the world has been driven into a state where there are now many sick people, and even more people who are functioning as time bombs, who are rushing towards some fatal disease, who are actually living in a similar way to people with HIV, and now, in order to supply hospitals and other medical institutions with the blood of enough unvaccinated people, they have the temerity to present blood donation as one of the few solutions to the inflation they are also causing, which is growing exponentially at every moment.

People should simply realise that if we are so focused on the laws of the market that the tail is wagging the dog at the moment, and even so, that they are offering more money than ever before for blood plasma donations, they are dictating the terms up there. The conditions in this situation, when they are more dependent on us – specifically, the proportion of humanity that needs blood plasma – could and should be set by us. What kind of investigative journalist can the journalist I have not named be with a year’s delay and a slipped-up recovery? Why does she not have an audio recording of a hospital nurse in her possession, and why did she not investigate this matter, say in person, while donating blood, as I did? Is this the time for the many intellectuals to realise that we are about to be blackmailed for our blood, because our livelihoods are threatened by the many stupid asses? Because the elite clique won’t give up their possession of healthy blood? That we are entering an era of blood or life? And then I have not even mentioned the phenomenon, which is undoubtedly still common, that the Red Cross has always tried to lure the poor, especially alcoholics, to take blood, because they would jump at the chance of a free beer. This attitude is unethical and not a little disgusting. It is as if the poor are there just to be exploited. Or maybe they really are just that?



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