The nadir of dumbing down, a Russian war dictatorship by Schwab’s best pupil

No one likes to take enthusiasm away from the young, the middle-aged and the elderly alike, no matter what engine of enthusiasm is fuelled by whatever kind of material it is fired by. The enthusiastic man may not yet know enough, he may already know quite a lot about the relation of the world to human society and what it bears, yet rather than turn to ultimate bitterness and show himself the victim of the world, he converts it into something quite different, something useful. Many are unable to do so, and grumble that youth still imagines it can ever redeem the world. And those who are no longer young are simply labelled as naive fools, unable to cope with world events. For example, they display the census form proudly at the top of the cupboard, as if to say to the world at large: we are decent, reliable citizens of our country, who can be counted on in all circumstances, and we are not threatened by the fierce spring winds of rebellion. Yet it is necessary to report and reflect on what is fresh in the news in a serious and as honest a tone as possible.

The deliberate infections that are put into people’s veins make them totally incapable of thinking. We are under the rule of a medical-social tyranny. A French doctor, Pierre Gilbert, once spoke clearly in front of a large professional audience about a plan by the elite to create vaccines containing substances that would reach the brain to control it. These substances would become microreceptors of electromagnetic fields and, by means of low-frequency waves, would make people stop thinking. This is not a hypothesis, it is reality. The whole of humanity is in danger – not that there was much to fear from enlightenment until now. For until now it has been typical – or so it has been said – that the man of the East is more backward, while the advanced Western man is more thirsty for freedom and does not for a moment tolerate the stifling atmosphere of despotism around him. And we see this typically in the examples of history and the present: while in the East all sorts of tyrannical kings are breaking their feet into their subjects without any consequences, in the West, ideas of redemption and comfort are always emerging from time to time.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is often compared to Hitler because of his fascist and centralising policies, but Putin is really doing nothing differently from any of his Russian presidential or tsarist predecessors: standing up for his people and earning respect and unconditional adoration for himself through his consistently strict behaviour and laws. No doubt, of course, he has an aura about him, but his performance is nowhere compared to Hitler’s of yore. Hitler completely fooled those Germans who, after all, were known throughout the world for their precision and love of freedom, but also for their accepting nature. He actually made them stupid, mesmerised them and made them fall in love with the masses, this one big collective idiot made up of so many individual intellects. This was a real sleight of hand by the Führer, which few could do, and which showed how easy it was at the time to incite the masses to a senseless war and indirect participation in organised genocide. Perhaps genocide and contempt and hatred for different nations should be taught in schools, because everything that is taught in schools is thrown off by people out of instinctive self-defence and the need to escape at the first opportunity when the teacher is not paying attention. Perhaps it will make the apprentice sick to his stomach and make him shudder at the mere thought of ever having to kill a human being out of petulance, ideologised, out of his mere humanity and consequence.

The many proud loyalists can now say with swelling bosoms that Putin is showing that decadent West! Klaus Schwab once said of Putin that he was one of his best disciples. Well, it happens to show. The conviction with which he plays his part and manages to make his people believe that he has a headache because of the depopulation, while sterilising this particular population, is cynically brilliant. Incidentally, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday that he was imposing martial law on the four Ukrainian territories that Russia unilaterally annexed to its territory at the end of September. The president has already signed a decree to this effect. Under the measure, Russian forces will be given even wider powers in the Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhya and Kherson regions. Putin also ordered the government to create a special coordination council to work with Russian regions to step up Moscow’s war efforts in Ukraine.

This will see the cessation of political parties and religious organisations, car searches, a ban on the sale of arms and ammunition, military censorship, a ban on the organisation of rallies and strikes, and the end of the freedom of citizens to choose their temporary residence. The army may also seize the property of organisations and civilians in exchange for appropriate compensation. The level of alert has also been raised in the Central Federal District of Russia, including Moscow. Here the authorities are certainly preparing for mass demonstrations, which is why the measure to ensure law and order has been taken. Restrictions will be imposed on freedom of movement by car and cars will be subject to more frequent checks. The Russian government has banned one million people in the border guards’ database from leaving the country. This could be a sign of a new wave of mobilisation. NOT ALL OF THEM ARE LIKELY TO BE CONSCRIPTED, BUT ANYONE COULD BE CALLED UP.

The Mayor of Moscow said that no measures had yet been taken to affect everyday life. The protection of citizens, economic and security stability will be ensured by the relevant federal and municipal bodies. Defence Minister Sergei Soygu also reacted to the decree signed by the Russian President. According to him, this will give more power to regional governors. Russia had earlier announced that 60,000 people would be evacuated from Herson, where Ukrainians have been massing for days and preparing to attack. The Secretary General of the Russian Security Council, former head of the FSB and the second most influential Russian, Nikolai Patrushev, said that wide-ranging measures would be taken in Russian cities to maintain order and enforce the law. There will also be heavier penalties for leaving the country against the ban, and foreigners in the country will face heavier punishment for breaking Russian laws. Goldman Sachs analysts say companies with stronger cash generation capacity and profit growth will appreciate, and the strategist highlighted small-capitalisation companies. So cash still dominates the market, and small companies too, no wonder the Anglo-Saxon savage capitalists are buying them up. I really did not want to put out the fires of enthusiasm in anyone. I’m sorry if I did…



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