Attempting the big changeover, digital money

It is a serious wonder in the media that there is going to be a serious shortage of goods in the whole of our land, so to speak, as a result of the war. I ask myself, are they really unaware of the fact that a plan, carefully and meticulously laid out many decades ago, is being implemented before our eyes, or are they just pretending to fool their readers into thinking they are now wondering about world events? Good morning! Indeed, we are seeing shocking prices everywhere and even more shocking inflation in the period ahead, except that this is by no means the result of a spontaneous event.

They have said clearly, I don’t know when, that they will create an absolutely artificial economic situation where everyone and everything in the failed economy will depend on the powers that be, the money men who are still in their positions, because there will be no other way to survive. Then the time will come for the introduction of an unconditional basic income at global level, with just enough money to keep us from starving to death. But to do this, we need to play from the scores of those who will carry out these processes. And the expectations will almost be limited to the fact that people will have to be vaccinated as regularly as they are told. People must eat the food that is prescribed for them. All in their rented homes, as there will be no private property. And, how can they not, but in such a world we will also come to the point where they will provide a so-called chip that can be implanted under the skin, which if one does not have, one will be unable to buy and sell, just as the Bible predicts.

The other phenomenon which I know is of historical significance, not in a positive sense, which is a milestone in the history of mankind, and which also shapes things to the taste of a certain stratum, but which the media seem to be completely unaware of and express their incomprehension about, is the fall in births. One of the portals that I am monitoring is currently looking at the case of Russia in terms of births, and is scratching its head and asking itself and the public why the birth rate in that country has fallen so badly recently. I could not fail to point out to the portal that some other media portals have already reported that fewer babies were born in Hungary in January and February this year than ever before. And here it does not matter what the puppet leader of some states wants or does not want. Vladimir Putin is mentioned in the article as the father of the serious concern about population decline, pointing out that he would like Russia to repopulate itself, true to its glorious past, even if he himself is being pulled by a string, if the aim is to eliminate ninety-five per cent of the world’s population, in which case he has no say in any process.

So if they can do total genocide by sterilisation with Putin’s Russia, let there be no doubt that they can do the same with any other country in the world, regardless of the leadership in power. And where there are no strings attached, as in all African countries, presidents’ heads will fall, quite literally. How is it that what has been free without sanctions for America since the Second World War, that is to say for seventy-five years, can only be free for other countries with sanctions, with total disregard, with exclusion from everything? At a time when there was a world conflagration wherever in the past, where were the European countries that are now the loudest, beating their breasts and putting out fires with petrol, trying to bring about peace by supplying weapons? Everyone is farting as Big Brother requires. Does anyone here actually have an independent opinion? Big Brother helps where he can, when his interests demand it! It is not Ukraine and Russia that are at war here, but the aggressor America and the ass-kissing European countries. NATO is pretending to be in the back row because its role is peacekeeping, but there is only one source, Big Brother, so Russia is fighting the whole world!

It is a lie that Germany has already cut all economic ties with Russia. Of course, no country would ever take such a suicidal step, no matter what war is raging. At best, it will take at least another five years for Germany to halve its demand for Russian gas without risking a freeze. Such things do not happen overnight.

Zelensky seems broken, and says that if they give up part of their territory to Russia, it would mean they have lost this war. In any case, this war-weary man can tickle with glee. They ridicule Russian political people who claim that Ukrainian Nazis are systematically killing Ukrainian citizens by order of the top, because of the infamous Russian propaganda designed to brainwash Russia, based on its characteristics, on everything. No problem, just assume that the otherwise truly brainwashed Russian media in this case too is reporting nothing but bullshit with zero veracity, and don’t face the facts. It is OK if they do not understand – even historians and academics – that this war is not about Ukraine and Russia. If they can’t see beyond their noses, there is not even the slightest hope of humanity uniting against the staggering, inhuman inflation and economic crisis that is coming.

For a few weeks now, there is supposedly no fear among Ukrainians, only anger, rage and hatred. They say that they are prepared to go as far as Moscow to kill Putin, who does not understand that in the twenty-first century, deliberately attacking civilian targets is totally unacceptable. These people are fundamentally mistaken. You can be angry with Putin, but honestly, what do you think would happen if by some miracle he were to be taken out? Would all of a sudden all the hatred and hell on earth cease to exist and everyone would go on living happily ever after? Because immediately before the Ukrainian-Russian war, humanity was living in happiness and abundance (I don’t necessarily mean prosperous abundance here), at a high level of vibration? Every day we received carefully selected alarmism about the epidemic, but at such a level that it was quite clear that the focus was not on the solution at all, but on generating fear and problems. And if, by some miracle, Putin were to be killed, they would quickly find something else to terrify humanity.

But whatever is to come, humanity already senses, knows, that something is very wrong here, and it is because of this that, unable to stick to the original plans, they have had to postpone the digital currency, originally planned for 2022, until next year. All the skeletons are slowly falling out of the cupboard. It is urgent that all countries have the right to withdraw from the WHO. While the world was being fooled by a sham and people were being stabbed to death, they were hard at work in the background. The first part of the New York-based BlackRock’s proposal was to inject money and the second part was to shut down the world economy for six months. Part of this was the artificial silicosis, the fake epidemic. The Central Bank Digital Currency – the single digital currency – was to be introduced this year, but was postponed until next year, 2023. This is good news, however. The fact that it didn’t happen this year is due to a lot of woke people who sensed that something was very fishy here because they used their brains. Because if we leave it at that, the fake diseases, the fake epidemics and the death-delivery vaccines will keep coming. Let there be no doubt about it, because Aunt Cili has already been put back on the warpath. A grain of sand has been thrown into the machinery. Problems have arisen along the way, which in itself is no surprise to me.

Personally, I think that their plans to oppress all the people, which are all solutions and laws from China, will not be able to be implemented on a global scale, because the nature of things is that light will eventually rule all, including total darkness. The delay of the digital currency – and, I hope, its ultimate failure – is in fact the first step on this path. Other failures will follow, when something really drastic and out of the ordinary will be attempted.



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