Persecuted healthy people, the gibraltar case

In the surrounding countries quarantine and continuous controls are almost universally imposed on the unvaccinated, but for the time being they are still persistent. However, it is to be expected that sanctions will soon be introduced in Hungary to make it completely impossible to vaccinate the unvaccinated, as the Hungarian government, which is actively participating in the global vaccine programme, cannot be left out of this. Unvaccinated people, as in Austria, will only be allowed to leave their homes in justified cases – work, sporting activities and shopping will be considered justified cases. The rest is presumably already known: they will not be allowed to enter restaurants, cinemas, nightclubs or anywhere where more than five hundred people can and usually do gather. In Hungary, mass dismissals of the unvaccinated from many workplaces have already begun, with those in charge of the matter not caring what happens to their companies and associations with the dwindling workforce. Seventy thousand forints are paid to those who are vaccinated, when in fact no-one is typically employed for the health of their employees. If this were the case, they would be careful not to overburden their workers with overtime and thereby contribute to the development of various diseases. Unfortunately, this is not the case. For the first time in the history of the world, the failure of some groups to take the vaccine is being blamed on those who did not take the medicine. Openly anti-vaccine advertising posters are now being produced, the wording of which is no different from the propaganda against Jews that we know from the beginning of the last century. The text of the poster reads: ‘The unvaccinated are contaminated, therefore further restrictions are necessary. And the usual blah blah blah. The rights defenders, however, are still nowhere to be seen, continuing to turn a blind eye to the greatest hoax and rights violation in world history, when a few years ago they were screaming for the Helsinki Committee and the Strasbourg Court for the slightest perceived violation. What has happened to them? Whether they are afraid, or whether they are simply not standing up for the most basic human rights in these hellish times, for what have become the most basic human rights in the twenty-first century, for which our forefathers shed their bloody sweat, by order from above, as if they were droids with a non-existent or suppressed sense of justice, I do not know. Somehow they always come up in the blowing up of petty cases, but at a time when they are most needed by an entire oppressed society, they are not to be found under any stone.

The vast majority, of course, feel nothing. At the moment, the vast majority only feel that because, despite being vaccinated several times over, they are not getting back the old life they loved or hated, something is not quite right, or not even that much. It is up to everyone’s common sense whether to fall for the incitement against the unvaccinated, or to see through the sieve and take the text on the posters, which look like the dark blue posters that used to scare migrants, seriously, or to treat it as such and stay away from the hate in disgust. Sadly, there are people who sit on pins and needles to take on the task of collecting the renegade unvaccinated in the name of the law, after writing their names on a piece of paper. I myself have met such a person in a Facebook group, who gleefully recruited others to cripple and loot the vacant homes of any unprosecuted inmates who might be persecuted later, as a favour to the state party and the people of the country. A fascist mob of football hooligans is already lurking in the background, ready to defend the most despicable and oppressive regime with their physical strength at any moment. This is now fascism at its most hardcore, it is no longer a tasting and overreaction. But the majority of people are not raising their voices even now.

When other people were punished because of the masks, I didn’t say anything because it didn’t affect me. When healthy people were forced through their workplaces to get vaccinated, I didn’t speak out because I’m twice vaccinated, it doesn’t affect me. When healthy people with good immune systems were taken from their homes to camps, I didn’t speak out because I was left alone. But when they came for me, there was no one left to speak up for me. Sound familiar? In the same way, you can say these sentences later, with just a few words inserted to replace the old ones. We can now slowly replace Australia with Australia as the land of nightmares. For hell is already next door, slowly closing in on us, like an ominous front, as it reaches Slovakia. In Austria, the unvaccinated are routinely harassed, hunted by the police, and, apart from work, shopping and daily exercise, they are not allowed to leave their homes or enter any building that is a place of entertainment. This weekend, however, large crowds will take to the streets across Austria, including police and soldiers who do not want to serve the current system. In Slovakia, the Prime Minister has said, after also imposing quarantine on the unvaccinated, that a minority cannot terrorise millions of citizens, when if anyone is terrorising anyone, it is the kovid and vaccine mafia, together with the governments they bribe. And speaking of police… a police officer posted the following on his Facebook page. Nevertheless, I will be sent away soon. So, I can’t go out to secure a game because I’m dangerous, but I can go to a disco to party because I’m no longer dangerous with my immunity card. I’d have to be vaccinated against something I’m certified protected against to keep my job, and all for the protection of the citizens I’m allowed to be among without restriction anyway. Is it just me, or am I crazy?” Fortunately, for more and more people this story is no longer round. It is dignity, the right to free choice, that is being taken away first. Or rather, it has already been taken away, as it was once taken away from the Jews. From the Jews, first their dignity was taken, then their freedom, and finally their lives. The new Kovid regime seems to be rapidly throwing aside its mask of humanity. In Germany, doctors, loyal, enthusiastic servants of every repressive regime, are already arguing that in the event of a health overload, the unvaccinated should be left to die without treatment and only the vaccinated should receive care. The unvaccinated have already had their dignity and freedom taken away… When will they take their lives?

No, officer, you are not crazy, I assure you. Take the example of Gibraltar, where everyone is vaccinated, yet the number of infected people is rising dramatically. Because of this, the government is again imposing restrictions. Gibraltar is an extreme case that shows the dead end that every country is heading towards if it does not respond realistically to certain issues. The situation in Gibraltar in the last few days is a stark demonstration of the brutal contradictions we have been living in since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic. There are more and more questions, but the answers are never clear. In the small British enclave in the south of the Iberian Peninsula, the vaccination rate is 119%, i.e. 100% of the adult population is vaccinated, and a significant minority has already received a third vaccination. However, the number of Covid cases has been steadily increasing since October. Although hospital pressure is minimal (for now), unfortunately there are also deaths. In this situation, the government has decided to introduce new restrictions on social life. For the time being, these measures concern the suspension of public events, the wearing of masks indoors and a ban on group gatherings, but more severe restrictions can be expected later if the number of new cases does not decrease. Gibraltarians are puzzled, having been told that if they vaccinate themselves, such measures will be ended once and for all. Governments in all countries are saying day and night that the more citizens who are vaccinated, the fewer infected and the fewer hospitalised, but in Gibraltar there is full vaccination coverage (supposedly), so it is not clear who to point the finger at for COVID case numbers. Meanwhile, a local source wrote to BitcoinBase that the statistics published by the Gibraltar government are not really understandable or could be some kind of misunderstanding. Not everyone is vaccinated, for example, the number of unvaccinated people is listed by the local authority in the daily new infections, but the official sites all say that the adult population is fully vaccinated. The experts and the state link normal life to herd immunity, but they seem to be chasing a dream, because there are already herds, but no immunity. The population has been vaccinated, hospitals are not in chaos, the health system is able to provide adequate care for the patients who come to it, yet the population is being asked to make further sacrifices and new restrictions are being imposed. So when will this all end? When everyone takes their third, fourth or umpteenth vaccination? When even newborn babies, zoo animals and pets are vaccinated? As long as one person is hospitalized for COVID?

The latter will probably never happen, as vaccines are unfortunately not able to stop the spread of the virus or the development of more severe forms of the disease. Either A or B is the correct answer. Health emergency advocates, those who still keep repeating that we are ‘at war’ with the virus, have a choice to make. They cannot continue to support two totally incompatible theories. If vaccines are the only and definitive solution to the problem, as many claim, and if they sufficiently protect certain sections of the population from infection, then there is no justification for closure, for restriction. If, on the other hand, they continue to claim the need for restrictions because they fear that the situation in hospitals will be dramatic in the winter months, then they must admit that vaccines are not adequate, but are just one tool among many. At that time, however, brutal pressure or blackmail on citizens to get vaccinated is not justified. There is only one answer, you cannot have both A and B. In either case, however, it is utterly pointless to keep repeating vaccinations, which are being heralded as the new ‘holy grail’. If the vaccines are effective, there is usually no need for an infinite number of booster vaccinations, except in a few special cases, which should be checked on a case-by-case basis. But if the vaccines are not, or only partially, effective, what is the point of repeating them in the presence of a virus that is increasingly different from the Vuhan version for which the vaccines were originally designed? How can the promise that booster vaccines will provide lasting immunisation to those vaccinated be credible in this case?

The Gibraltar case highlights all the flaws in the ‘vaccines or lockdown’ narrative. This card can no longer be played in any country. The constant scaremongering, the coercive intervention of governments, the censorship of critical voices, the constant different answers to the same questions will sooner or later make even the most pro-vaccine or pro-closure people wary. So Gibraltar is 100% vaccinated and has the fifth highest mortality rate in the world. The whole of Africa is one-eighth of a per cent vaccinated, and nobody is coveted, just to have a basis for comparison and so that we have a full picture of these miracle vaccines. And there are people, of course, who even explain the Gibraltar case. With what? For example, that Gibraltarians basically travel a lot for work and get the virus from dirty unvaccinated foreigners as vaccines and carry it back home. Such a self-proclaimed intellectual and dirt ignorant of all vaccinated people would, in his own theory, really cast doubt on the efficacy of vaccines if a vaccinated person actually catches the virus from an unvaccinated person so easily. Good God come down…



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